Cardinal Partners invests $6-12 million per company. Our criterion for new projects includes:

  • Large or fast growing available markets

  • Strong CEO, founder, team or scientist

  • Proprietary intellectual assets or novel technology

  • Well-defined business model

Cardinal Partners invests in early stage companies across the spectrum of the healthcare economy. Our primary interest, however, is for companies which fit the following three general categories:

Life Sciences:
The principals at Cardinal Partners have been among the pioneer investors in the life sciences sector since the 1980’s. We are especially interested in novel platform technologies which will be extensible across a range of the therapeutic applications and disciplines. Many of our companies are able to fund growth very early in their development via partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies. We are frequently company co-founders, forming new entities around promising science or research.

Medical Devices:
Cardinal Principals are longtime investors in medical devices, products and instruments. Appealing prospective investments are characterized by: Strong cost-benefit propositions; large unmet market opportunities; and breakthrough innovative technology.

Healthcare IT:
The business of healthcare has not yet benefited from the productivity gains achieved by information technology in other industries. Cardinal’s goal is to fund innovative technology/service companies which “Automate the broken processes of Healthcare.” Of particular interest are companies with redefine and enhance clinical processes, automate revenue-cycle challenges, enhance communication between providers, payers and patients, and finally, expedite the ongoing transition towards consumerism in healthcare.